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Earthquake Exodus, 1906
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Earthquake Exodus, 1906
Berkeley Responds to the San Francisco Refugees

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San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom
(from a Certificate of Honor entrusted to Richard Schwartz to present to Mayor Tom Bates on April 18, 2006)

"…I am pleased to recognize and honor the selfless contributions of the people of the City of Berkeley on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Great Earthquake of 1906. The Relief and assistance the Berkeley community gave to San Franciscans after the earthquake was invaluable to the reconstruction of our City. Thank you!"

Dr. Gray Brechin, Geographer and author of Imperial San Francisco: Urban Power, Earthly Ruin.

"…On April 17, 1906, the university town had twenty-six thousand residents. A year later, it had grown by half again to thirty-eight thousand, largely due to the influx of homeless refugees fleeing the afflicted city. Schwartz explains how Berkeleyans generously responded by setting up temporary camps, dispensing food, listing jobs, and even taking in the homeless. He details the measures taken to ensure public order and health as city and university officials struggled to deal with thousands of disoriented, impoverished, and sometimes dangerous strangers, many separated from their loved ones--everyday details long forgotten but worth study by those who wish to better prepare for the next great shake."

"A beautiful gem... and I know what goes into making a book."  Malcolm Margolin, Heyday Books

"Supurb..." Phil Wood, owner Ten Speed Press

Alameda County Historical Society Quarterly, Vol. 32, No. 2, click on highlight to read the Alameda Historical Society's book review on Earthquake Exodus, 1906 by Harlen Kessel. (site is Amazon, scroll down to customer reviews to view Kessel's review)

Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley, presents its online resource, four years in the making, titled "The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire." Under its "Resources" section of the website, it lists Richard Schwartz's Earthquake Exodus, 1906 as one of fourteen books recommended on the topic.

Bay Crossings, the newspaper of the ferries of San Francisco Bay, article by writer Wess Starratt, using image from Earthquake Exodus, 1906.

 Bay Nature Magazine, "Earthquake Anniversary Resources" by Sue Rosenthal, April 2006, listing "Earthquake Exodus, 1906" as one of two book resources under the topic "1906 Earthquake" on the online site.

Berkeley Daily Planet ran four excerts from Richard Schwartz's book "Earthquake Exodus, 1906" by April 18, 2006. March 7, 2006; March 31, 2006; April 10, 2006; April 18, 2006.

Berkeley Voice, "A Tale of Generosity From 1906," reporter Martin Sanpp reviews Richard Schwartz's book "Earthquake Exodus, 1906" and the Berkeley relief effort after the quake. December 2, 2005.

Contra Costa County Times Nelda Rego's Sunday Arts and Entertainment 'Days Gone By' column entitled, "S. F. quake victims received help from Berkeley," which reviews Earthquake Exodus, 1906. Be sure to scroll down to bottom of page to see article. March 26, 2006.

Contra Costa Times, "S.F.'s ruin spurs exodus to the east," by Matt Krupnick. Be sure to scroll down to bottom of page to see article. April 18, 2006.

Daily Californian, "Berkeley's Role in th e1906 Disaster," by Bryan Thomas. April 18, 2006.

Easy Bay Monthly, "Largest Circulation Magazine in the East Bay", Vol.36, No. 7, April, 2006, Read feature article "East Bay Aftershocks" by Mike Rosen-Malina about the book "Earthquake Exodus, 1906."

KCBS online, "Berkeley Became A Refuge After '06 Quake" April 16, 2006.

Moraga Historical Society, Nelda Rego's review of "Earthquake Exodus, 1906," "by Berkeley's own historian Richard Schwartz.. a work of art and masterful history telling. We guarantee you will feel proud, good and better prepared after reading it." April, 2006.

Neue Zürcher Zeitung, the national newspaper of Switzerland. Dr. Thomas Leuchtenmüller, literary critic, notes Earthquake Exodus, 1906. April 18, 2006.

Oakland Tribune, Kathleen Grant Geib, "Eclectic titles Stand Out in Year-End Roundup" Reviews Richard Schwartz's Earthquake Exodus, 1906. ""Earthquake Exodus 1906: Berkeley Responds to the San Francisco Refugees" (R.S.B. Books, $24.95) by Richard Schwartz of Berkeley. Schwartz provides an unusual slant on this early 20th-century earthquake, describing volunteer relief efforts by East Bay citizens. Black-and-white photos are included." December 22, 2006.

Oakland Tribune, Monique Beeler of the "Bay Area Living" section writes an earthquake article "With San Francisco in Ruins, East Bay opened doors to flood of refugees" featuring Richard Schwartz and "Earthquake Exodus, 1906." April 16, 2006

Oakland Tribune, "Gov. Pardee returns to Oakland" by Analee Allen. April 18, 2006.

San Francisco Chronicle, Open Forum section, "Passing the Buck on Katrina Aid," Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates uses the book "Earthquake Exodus, 1906" to access the response to the recent Katrina disaster. December 28, 2005.

San Francisco Chronicle, The Great Quake: 1906-2006 Quake sparked boom in East Bay, by reporter Kevin Fagin, Chronicle staff writer. The book Earthquake Exodus, 1906 is noted and author Richard Schwartz is quoted. April 14, 2006.

West County Times and Contra Costa Times "Quake Survivors Look East in 1906," by Martin Snapp. December 4, 2006.


RSB Books
Eccentrics, Heroes, and Cutthroats of Old Berkeley
Earthquake Exodus, 1906
Berkeley 1900
The Circle of Stones