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Eccentrics, Heroes, and Cutthroats of Old Berkeley
Earthquake Exodus, 1906
Berkeley 1900
The Circle of Stones

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"If Berkeley had the good sense of the Japanese to recognize outstanding citizens as national treasures, Richard Schwartz would get my vote. Professionally a building contractor, Schwartz somehow finds time to explore Berkeley's past via its newspapers, archives, and maps. He has returned from that forgeign land to self-publish gracefully written and handsome books filled with period illustrations of his discoveries. Those books not only reveal to us a place we thought we knew but are testimony to Schwartz's deep love for his adopted town. I am grateful for his generousity in sharing his wealth."

Dr. Gray Brechin, Historical Geographer, University of California, Berkeley
author of Imperial San Francisco, Urban Power, Earthly Ruin and
Farewell, Promised Land



"I admire your work."
"Just the other day, I cited your work as an example of the golden age of local history we are currently experiencing in California."
Dr. Kevin Starr, California State Librarian, Emeritus
University Professor and Professor of History
University of Southern California

""Both of your books are wonderful contributions to California and local history. The City of Berkeley is most fortunate to have you. I quite agree with Gray Brechin's statement that Berkeley should declare you a living treasure. Both titles will be added to the permanent collection of the State Library's California History Section."
Gary F. Kurutz
Principal Librarian
California History Section, Special Collections
California State Library

"It's so COOL!  And fun to browse through. What an epic journey! I've been reading it tonight. So much scandal, blood and gore, Fires! I love it!"
The Milagro Bean Field War author
John Nichols, (born in Berkeley) commenting upon reading Berkeley 1900
(The Milagro Bean Field War book was adapted into the film directed by Robert Redford)


The San Francisco Chronicle selected Berkeley 1900 as a Holiday Gift Book of the Year choice in 2000, "Fascinating," Regan McMahon, Chronicle staff


"You have done an awesome job creating your books...You are a superb example of a scholar publisher tradition that I have always aspired to!"
    The Late Phil Wood, owner, Ten Speed Press

"Buy the book. It's a winner."
as reviewed in California Historian published by the Conference of California Historical Societies
by Mary-Ellen Jones, The Bancroft Libray, Retired
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Since its initial publication a
decade ago, Berkeley 1900: Daily Life at the Turn of the Century
has captivated readers with its unprecedented blend
of serious history, fascinating images and heartfelt
storytelling. Its eyewitness accounts and unique views
of Berkeley a hundred years past show how profoundly
the landscape, culture, economy and social values of
modern Berkeley have been shaped by what came
before. In this special tenth anniversary edition,
readers will discover a wealth of new source quotes and
nearly 200 additional photos, making Berkeley 1900
more than ever the definitive account of a pivotal time
in the life of one of America’s most beloved cities.
Berkeley 1900: Daily Life at the Turn of the Century, 2nd Edition,
By Richard Schwartz
8.5 x 11 inches; 330 pages; 320 images, Paperback
ISBN: 0-9678204-4-6; $24.95, Published September 2009
Distributed by Ingram, Partners West, Baker and Taylor Books, and American West Books.


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ISBN 978-0-9678204-2-2 $24.95 Trade paper edition

ISBN 978-0-9678204-3-9 $39.95 Cloth edition

Eccentrics, Heroes, and Cutthroats of Old Berkeley

Press Release

Reviews and Article

Eccentrics, Heroes, and Cutthroats of Old Berkeley was picked by the San Francisco Chronicle as a Holiday Gift Book of the Year.

Harlan Kessel, Alameda County Historical Society

Treat yourself to what is  probably the most enjoyable California historical joyride of the decade.

Richard Brennaman, Berkeley Daily Planet

...a guiltless pleasure, a delightful collection of tales about some of the city's most fascinating and wrongly forgotten characters...Schwartz is a passionate..approaching his discipline with both passion and rigor and crafting his words with affection and humor coupled with the more orthodox demands of accuracy and attribution...Infectious enthusiasm combined with the larger-than-life natures of many of the characters he profiles prove an irresistable combination.

Malcolm Margolin, founder Heyday Books

Combining the research skills of a careful historian with the flair of a yarn-spinner, Richard Schwartz brings early Berkeley alive with such vibrancy and immediacy that you might imagine he had witnessed it first-hand. What an informative, engaging, ultimately thought- provoking exploration of our Berkeley roots!

David Crosson, Executive Director, California Historical Society

All modesty aside, we common sort can be pretty fascinating. If you want proof of this simple truth, all you have to do is pick up Richard Schwartz's collection of stories on Berkeley... In this small book of stories on a single community, Schwartz touches all of the abstract themes that you will find in grand histories: class struggle, ethnic conflicts, economic greed, and political intrigue.

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RSB Books
Eccentrics, Heroes, and Cutthroats of Old Berkeley
Earthquake Exodus, 1906
Berkeley 1900
The Circle of Stones